Primary Cell 9544102478

Secondary Cell 9545916906



                       GMRS REPEATERS                                    

POMPANO BEACH  - 462.675 DCS/DPL 464    

FT LAUDERDALE -  462.625 DCS/DPL 464      

CORAL SPRINGS -  462.725 DCS/DPL 464       

BOCA RATON -  462.575 DCS/DPL 464 (INPUT FREQ IS 467.650)          

FT MYERS -  462.600 DCS/DPL 464                   



                                     ANALOG ONLY                                         

   53.750  [INPUT 52.750]  (110.9 PL) in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

 147.300 [INPUT 147.900] (110.9 PL) in Miramar, FL

 224.400 [INPUT 222.800] (110.9 PL) in Miramar, FL [AllStar node #48719]

1291.750 [INPUT 1271.750] (110.9 PL) in Miramar, FL 




                APRS DIGI & iGATE -  KF4LZA-1 @ FT LAUDERDALE                 




                MMDVM  "MULTI MODE"  P25/DMR/DSTAR/FUSION/NXDN/M17                         

441.7500 (DMR CC 1 / P25 NAC 293 / NXDN RAN 1) in Pompano Beach, FL






                                    DMR & ANALOG "MIXED MODE"                        

444.9750 (CC 9) & (110.9 PL) in Miramar, FL 








                                                      P25 & ANALOG "MIXED MODE"                                             

443.7500 (NAC A55) & (110.9 PL) Broward & Miami Dade County, FL -  IRLP 8913 & ECHOLINK 4788  

444.7500 (NAC A55) & (110.9 PL) Palm Beach & Broward County , FL 

444.8000 (NAC A55) & (94.8 PL) Broward & Miami Dade County, FL

927.0500 Input 902.050 (NAC A55) & (110.9 PL Repeater TX - 631 DPL Repeater RX) Broward County, FL

927.7000 Input 902.000 (NAC A55) & (179.9 PL Repeater TX - 110.9 PL Repeater RX) Broward/Dade Counties, FL

927.7250 Input 902.0250 (NAC A55) & (110.9 PL) South Palm Beach/North Broward County, FL 

927.7500 Input 902.0125 (NAC A56) & (94.8 PL) South Miami Dade County, FL 

927.77500 Input 902.08750 (NAC A55) & (110.9 PL) Palm Beach County, FL 




Because of part 15 & ISM devices in this band you must put repeater receivers below 902.100 MHz especially in urban areas to regain sensitivty!


ODMR "OPEN" DMR - Please use GROUP CALL 855 on slot 1 & GROUP CALL 856 on slot 2 only! This system is not part of any larger interconnected network but is monitored for rogue activity on non-authorized talkgroups. Thanks to all the generous hams who have helped to build out this network with both site access and hardware for the greater amateur community in the South Florida area and beyond. 


SOUTHERN MONROE - 442.1375 CC 15

CENTRAL MONROE - 442.1875 CC 13


SOUTHWEST DADE - 442.3875 CC 9

SOUTHEAST DADE - 442.4125 CC 2

CENTRAL DADE - 442.6625 CC 6

NORTH DADE - 442.7500 CC 12

CENTRAL BROWARD - 443.5875  CC 7 





MARTIN COUNTY - 444.9625 CC 5

ST LUCIE COUNTY - 444.9875 CC 14



I own six HF radios (An Icom IC-9100, an Icom IC-7300, three Kenwood TS-590S, and a Kenwood TS2000X) on the service. Feel free to use any of them as you need. Please ask me for permission to transmit on any of them if you are a US ham only with a General class license or higher at:







         Kenwood TS-2000x setup at my home QTH in Coconut Creek, FL. The antenna is the EFHW-4010 end fed antenna from myantennas. The antenna is ran in the NE direction with the end up around 25 ft in the tree while the balun is elevated 15 ft on a push up pole. For VHF & UHF operation the antenna is a comet GP-9 up around 25 feet. 











         An ICOM IC-9100 in Ft. Lauderdale,FL. Here's a picture of the antennas, the one to the left is Antenna #1 and is an EFHW-4010 (40-10 meter) end fed antenna (from facing East to West. The antenna to the right (Antenna #2) is also an end fed EFHW-8010 (80-10 meter) facing SE to NW.  They are up around 65 ft above sea level. This station gives good results to Europe etc but not so much west coast of the US but it's still just a wire so you never really know where you are going to contact! For VHF use, the antenna is a comet GP-9 up around 90 ft in the air so this makes a half decent setup for some 2 meter SSB. Keep in mind though its vertically polarized so expect there to be attenuation to and from stations. 














     A Kenwood TS-590 in Ft. Lauderdale,FL. This rig has two antennas connected, a Comet MA5VA vertical 20-10 meters on Antenna #1, and an 40-10 meter "off center fed" dipole on Antenna #2. Both are about 25 feet off the ground. 















         A Kenwood TS-590 in Tamarac,FL. It's antenna is a 20 meter dipole strung from east to west and is around 100 ft high in elevation.

















An Icom IC-7300 at my home QTH in Coconut Creek,FL. It's antenna is a 40-10 end fed from Chameleon atennas and is around 20 ft high in elevation.
















Another Kenwood TS-590. It's antenna is a 40-10 end fed from and is around 30 ft high in elevation.










       I got my tech no code in 1996 and my general ticket in 2007. Ham radio all started for me when after I was introduced to my dad's CB radio in the back of his Chevy Silverado that he never used since the 70's. I asked him if I could pull it out and play with it and once I turned it on and tuned in, I was instantly hooked! However, I always knew there had to be more out there to listen to and talk on than just one band. Soon after my neighborhoood friend who I used to see riding around on his bicyle with a police scanner showed me what he was tuning in I realized there was a whole wireless world out there, so for Christmas that year all I wanted was a scanner. It was 1994 and that year for Christmas I got a Uniden BCD-55XLT and could never put it down. So then soon after I started to tune in the VHF & UHF amateur bands and realized this was my hobby for life.




        My other hobby "turned profession" and what I am currently doing is RF network engineering and system design where I am currently helping manage a 48 site Kenwood Nexedge system and a Motorola Connect Plus network as well as numerous trunked systems in the carribean and elsewhere. It gives me satisfaction knowing that my passionate desire which started as just a hobby when I was 14 for RF, helps people communicate effectively through the airwaves and makes their companies more effective. Someone once told me if you can combine your hobbies and what you are passionate about into a career you will never work another day in your life! I agree with that saying!! 













        It all started for me at the age of 15 when I got behind my first camera, a Sony DXC-3000 studio configed camera at my church I was going to at the time. I have a degree in television production from the Art Institute of  Ft. Lauderdale where I started on 16mm film sets for Stepping Stone Productions and since then have done extensive camera work from muticam live production all the way to lighting and shooting documentaries and commercials. Out of all the gigs I have worked on, I love the high enegy element of live production though where I mainly have ran hand held cameras but also ran hard cams up to 110mm Canon lens as well as 12-24ft, & 40 footer! jibs as well learning to be a Steadicam Operator(although opted to use gimbals instead).  Check out a long gimbal shot I did for an opening to a short film. Look up on Vimeo a video called "Why Leah Left" and watch from about 1:27 min in to 4:45 min! Talk about one long gimble shot

I have shot for DirectTV, Comedy Central, TBN, Golf Channel, Major cable outlets, local and regional productions handling PSA's and commercial sets. 

       Presently, I own and operate a DJI Ronin gimble and a Drone for aerial work. My "A" cam is the Panasonic EVA1 and for more control over DoF, I have two Panasonic GH5S. I have worked with and shot studio work with Panasonic P2 Varicams (HPX3700), Sony Cinealta line cameras, Canon C100 & C300 CMOS cameras, and before the HD era came about I shot years on the Panasonic SDX900 both ENG and studio configs to DVCPRO25 and DVCPRO50 formats. I have been on both small and large sets handling almost every facet of the production chain. 


Running tight follow CU cam 2023







 Running a C300 on a Dana Dolly for Blue Denim Media/ Mark Mooremann





HH Operator for latin concert 2007




Hurricane Wilma aftermath, Biloxi MS 2005




HH Operator Calvary Chapel Ft Lauderdale Easter 2012




Steadicam Op in training


Premios Billboard award show 2013




DP at Calvary Chapel FTL 2009 





HH Operator Calvary Chapel Ft Lauderdale Easter 2013




DP for Active Word Television show in the studio @ CCFL  2011










DP for a documentary downtown/riverfront in Ft. Lauderdale 2008




Ronin operator for MSD one year after the tragedy 2019



The ronin gimbal setup with the Canon 5D mark IV



The EVA1 with 18-80 T4 rigged on ARRI plate. Sigma 18-35 & 50-100 T2 cine glass in tow








The GH5s rigged up (Black Magic12bit RAW, Polarizer & ND)






Dana Dolly operator for Night of Worship event at Calvary Chapel FTL 2015






CCFL Master Control studio 2015



DP for CCFL in Isreal 2019



24' Jib Operator at CCFL 2020